Bylaws of the lake Sommen fishing organization (FVO)

The Sommen fishing organization (Sommens FVO) manages the fisheries in the lake lake as part of Boxholm, Kinda Ydre and municipalities in Östergötland and in Tranås Municipality, Jönköping County.

§ 1 Membership 

Sommen fishingorganization (SFVO) manages all fisheries in the lake Sommen that is part of Boxholm, Kinda Ydre and municipalities in Östergötland and in Tranas Municipality, Jönköping County. 

Member of the Society is the owner of the property with fishing rights in the fishery conservation area or the other farmers and others referred to in § 3, second and third paragraphs of the law on fishery conservation areas (1981:533). Those fishing right holders (vattenägare) listed in Annex 1.

§ 2 Scope 

Fishery conservation area covers all fishing in the lake to the lake with the following and from streams, from: 

a. Regulating Dam just upstream Visskvarn power plants;

b. A along the shoreline imaginary line over the mouth of Svartån at its inflow into Sonmassen; 

c. Road bridge over the lake outflow at Malexander; 

d. A along the shoreline imaginary line over the muzzle of the rest of the Sommen bleed smaller rivers and streams, and down to the marketing pond (Laxbergsdammen) at the lake's outflow. Lake Ekeln included. 

§ 3 Purpose 
Fishery conservation area aims to promote all-round fishing and fish welfare in the waters in and through the sale of fishing permits to prepare the public for recreational fishing opportunity in this for the purpose upplåtna areas and with regard to the current rules on fishing performance. 

§ 4 Water Owner's participation 

Water Owner's participation in the fishery conservation Sommen compound corresponds to the proportion mantalet sets in each case type and area of the sea area within the fishery conservation area of their respective skifteslag. The list of input properties and their owners and their participation in the fishery conservation Sommen constantly updated. The original of the current list of shareholders and their stake held by fishingorganizations treasurer. A current copy shall be forwarded to summer fishingorganizations monitoring organization as a basis for surveillance work. 
§ 5 Grant of fishing 

The association shall grant fishing within the fishery conservation area through the sale of fishing permits to the public. Decisions about tenure must not be contrary to § 8 of the fishery conservation law. Tenure shall consist only of lure fishing. Crayfish father is not granted by the association. 
§ 6 Fishing regulations for Lake lake 

The details of fishing and lure fishing upplåtna (sport fishing) and conditions for the sale of fishing permits to the public is determined by the ordinary fishing line. Fish Lake Sommen provisions listed in a separate document. 

§ 7 Water-owners own fishing 

Vattenägare may in waters belonging skifteslag fish in proportion to their percentage rates. For other fish in the sea fish father shareholders only in ways that resolves. Shareholder may not grant lure fishing (angling) or other fish of its own waters in contravention of the fishery conservation area's fishing regulations. 

Tenure of other fishing may be done by the owner's fishing merchandise. Grant of a permanent role should be in writing and communicated to the board. 
§ Follow-8 

Partners can, beyond that mentioned in § 14, second paragraph, under pre-existing law hurts fishing associations (1960:130), not be required to supplement the fishery conservation zone activities. 

§ 9 Surplus 

Of fishery conservation zone should yield annual retained about 50% used for fish conservation measures, to guard and current investments and facilities that benefit the area's fishery conservation purpose. The remainder of the fish not meeting decides otherwise, be distributed among shareholders after participation. 

§ 10 Fiscal year 

Sommen fishery conservation area covers the year from 1.1 to 31.12. 

§ 11 Fishing Meeting 

Annual fiskestämmma be held annually by 31 March. However, additional fish can be held when the Board finds cause, or at least a tenth of the members to the Board submitting such request in writing and specify file to be processed. 
§ 12 Notice of fishing line 

Notice of fiskestämmla to happen later than ten days before and through advertisements in the local newspapers that resolves fish or by personal invitation. Motions to pitch rean shall be in writing and shall be Chairman of the Board not later than three weeks before the meeting. 

§ 13 Annual General Meeting fishing 

At the Annual General Meeting, the following fish occur 

1st Note the members present and proxies for input to the electoral register. 2nd Ask the convocation of the Meeting had been fishing in the appropriate manner. 

3rd Determination of the agenda. 

Fourth Election of Chairman for the Meeting fishing. 

5th Choice of Adjustment meeting people for fishing, to count votes. 

6th Directors over the past financial year, management; 

7th The auditors' report. 

8th Question on the discharge of the Board. 

9th Determination of the fee. 

10th Decisions on how the profits accruing to be used or how the loss incurred will be covered. 

11th Election of Chairman and other Board. Half of the Board and alternates are elected annually for a period of two years. 

12th Election of auditors. 

13th Election of the nominating committee. 

14th Decisions on how to lure fishing (sport fishing) next fiscal year shall be granted and the conditions applicable; 

15th Decisions on other fisheries to be run during the coming financial year. 16th Corporate Plan for the coming year, the Board of referral questions. 

17th Motions for the AGM. 

18th Notice where and when minutes of the Meeting is available. 

19th Ways to convene the next AGM. 

20th Other matters. 

§ 14 Voting 

The fishing line, each shareholder one vote, except in cases different is saying in LOFO. However, if any member so requests before the vote, polling place after participation in the decisions that govern the extent to which shareholders may exercise their fishing rights. When voting for 

participation may last indicated in any case not vote for more than one tenth of the fishery conservation area total participation rate. Agents must be able to produce a proxy to exercise voting rights. 

§ 15 Minutes 

The fish must be implemented by the President protocols. Minutes shall be approved within two weeks after the meeting and be available in ways that the meeting decided. 

The auditors will always have access to protocols, invoices and other documents fishery conservation zone. 

§ 16 Notice 

Fishing Meeting's decision on shareholders' rights to exploit fishing otherwise than as specified in § 7, are expected within 30 days of the decision-making announcement of the shareholders by post or alternatively at least three months before it becomes effective. 

§ 17 The Board of Directors 

The Board shall consist of not less than seven and a maximum of eleven members and six alternates. The Board shall appoint a vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The board may appoint other officers in handling cases between Board meetings. Hand Total cases to be reported to the Board. 

§ 18 Registered office and vocation 

The Board has its headquarters in Boxholm. The Board meeting shall be called all the members and alternates, if necessary. The Board is quorate with at least half the number of members. As the Board's decision in the sense most of the covers. When equal votes, the President casting vote. 

§ 19 Authorised signatures 

Fishery conservation area firm signed by the Board as the Board decides. 

§ 20 The Board meetings 

Except as required by law on fishery conservation areas (1981:533) it is for the Board to: 

1st Ensure that the accounts are properly implemented. 

2nd Establish annual report at the end of each working. 

3rd To issue and sell fishing licenses. 

Fourth The organization of guarding against illegal fishing. 

5th Appoint officers for the fish conservation efforts. 

6th Date lists of fish conservation association's members (the owners of water); 

7th For County Board of directors report for the adjustment of the composition. 

8th Establish plan for ongoing operation; 

At board meetings shall be recorded adjusted. 

§ 21 Audit 

In examining the Board's management and fishery conservation zone accounts shall at the Annual Meeting fishing appointed two auditors and two deputy auditors. 

§ 22 Audit and Audit Report 

The past fiscal year annual report and closed the accounts shall be submitted to the auditors for review by 28 February. The report shall be made available to shareholders and preferred ordinary fishing line. 

§ 23 bylaws 

For amendment of these statutes require similar decision at two consecutive meetings fish, at least one regular. Changes in statutes in regard laid down in § 18 Law on fishery conservation areas (1981:533), ie Statutes 1-8, 14, 23 and 24, required review by the provincial government. In such a case need not be more than one resolution in. 

§ 24 Dissolution 

Decisions on the dissolution of the association made by the provincial government. After the decision becomes final and any known DEBT become NLG fishery conservation zone assets shall be distributed as shown by the law on fishery conservation areas (1981:533). 

These statutes have been adopted at two consecutive meetings fishing May 21 and 13 November 2003. They have been adopted, provided that the County Board approves the proposed amendment to the statute. 

County Administrative Board of Östergötland County has by order February 25, 2004 approved the proposed amendment to the statutes of the lake Sommen fishery conservation association. The County Board has thereby established § § 1-8, 14, 23 and 24 of these statutes. 


1st Updated list of fishing grounds owners, ie owners of properties and communities with some of Sommen fishery conservation. 

2nd Fishing regulations for the lake.