The biggest advantage you have as a tourist in Sweden is the right to walk freely in the nature, swimming in lakes, picking berries and flowers. But nature's riches and the wildlife experiences is something we have on loan during our time on earth. "Everyman's right" comes with both rights and responsibilities.

  • You are free to reside and roam around in the wild - but do not damage crops or forest plantations.
  • You must not walk across fields and private plots. Respect the sanctity of the home and the privacy of others.
  • Do not break trees or branches, take bark from living trees and shrubs and you should never cut down trees.
  • You may pass through fences and gates, but close them behind you.
  • It is forbidden to start fires in dry weather. Check with the emergency services if unsure. You should only make fires in specific, prepared places. Never put an open fire on rocks as they rupture from the heat. Extinguish the fire completely before leaving the site. Never let your fire do any damage to the nature.
  • You may camp one night in the land of others - but not on other sites.
  • It is allowed to pick wild berries, flowers and mushrooms (of course not in a garden)
  • Fishing and hunting are not the right of public access - but there is a license to buy.
  • Leave animals' nests and young in peace. Always keep your dog under close supervision.
  • During the period March 1 to August 20, dogs must be kept on a leash while being outdoors.
  • All motorized vehicles are prohibited in the terrain.
  • You may park your vehicle and a trailer directly next to the road if you do not impede traffic or those working in the forest.
  • It is forbidden to drive watercrafts in other waters than those that the County Board decide
  • Bring your litter away when you leave! Think of others, to leave nature as it was when you came. For everyone's comfort, please bring a shovel to dig and cover over a pit latrine. This is especially important when you are staying in places frequented by many people, such as our islands and beaches. At night, this is a requirement.

If you violate these simple rules of everyman's rights, it is punishable under law.

Therefore, enjoy the freedom that comes under responsibility, which is a freedom that is not found in any other country!

More information about the Everyman's Rights.