As usual, we will conduct fishing surveillance and surveillance of bird protection areas in the lake, the surveillance will be carried out in cooperation with a security company and with the police.
From this year, the FVO also has the opportunity to charge a control fee from those who do not comply with the fishing rules
The protection hunt on the joint continues, the population's numerals are monitored simultaneously.
The fishing day will be arranged 16/7 between 11.00-15.00 at Torpöns ferry mode
The Laxberg projection will come into a more intensive phase in 2015.
Even this year, wrecking in the Dragsnässundet will be done
We continue to work with effective catch reporting from both anglers and online fishermen.
The FVO is represented in the watercourses that appear upstream and downstream of the Sommen.
New to the Board is a representative from Tranås Energi, they work with fish care measures in Svartån and Bulsjöån as lax stairs and bypass.
In the future, fish will be able to migrate from Säbysjön via Sommen up to Västra Lägen.

Board of Directors