Directions to Blåvik boat ramp.

From Boxholm drivate against Blåvik. In Blåvik continue past the church, pass the sign "here ends the public road" ("Här slutar allmän väg"). Before the court on the right side there is a blocked boat ramp at the end of the beach. After the farm is an accessible ramp on the right side. It is located directly after the barn. To reach the ramp you have to drive on the grassy field. The ramp is to the right of the two park benches on the cape.

It is a quiet and picturesque little harbor. There are places to drink coffe and opportunities to grill. Parking is available.

The ramp is made of concrete. There is no boom barrier and no charges are needed. The ramp is open around the clock.

WGS 84: N 58° 3.469', E 15° 3.292'
WGS 84 - decimal: 58.05782, 15.05486
RT90: 6437338, 1455702
SWEREF99: 6435149, 503238




57 ̊53’ 6’’N

15 ̊21’ 34’’ E