Directions to the Malexander boat ramp.


Drive towards Malexander. In the village's eastern fringe, drive Kisa in the sharp left curve. In the middle of the curve there is a gap in road barrier, where the boat ramp is located. In this small clearing with a turning place you will find the ramp at the lakeside.

The ramp is made of concrete. There is no boom barrier and there is no fee for use of the ramp. The ramps is available around the clock.



WGS 84: N 58° 1.907', E 15° 17.312'
WGS 84 - decimal: 58.03178, 15.28854
RT90: 1469497, 6434300
SWEREF99: 6432284, 517040


57 ̊53’ 6’’N


15 ̊21’ 34’’ E