Directions to Asby boat ramp.

Between Hestra and Österbymo there is a ramp just north of Asby. Take the road signposted 131 to "Asby brygga". Follow the gravel road and keep right. About 1 km into the forest you will reach a turning place with a dilapidated boathouse on the right side. Next to the boathouse is the ramp.

The area is simple but comfortable with a pair of aging bridges. You can park at the turning basin.

The ramp is made of pebbles. There is no boom barrier and it is free to use the ramp. The ramp is available around the clock.

WGS 84:N 57° 55.244', E 15° 12.382'
WGS 84 - decimal:57.92073, 15.20637
RT90:6421980, 1464512
SWEREF99:6419904, 512226



57 ̊55’ 14’’N


15 ̊12’ 23’’ E