Sommen offers great opportunities for anglers to pursue their hobby. The varied character of the lake and the wide variety of fish species provides an exciting and varied fishing, whether it be conducted from land, sea or the ice.

The fishing can be usefully done from the shore line or near the shore in the spring and early summer. If you have a boat, we have a list of available boat ramps where you can put boat in the water..

Bait Tips

Angling with a worm, a bleak or a jig in the shallow areas in this period can provide good catches of perch. For those who want to catch a pike, try jigs or large elongated wobble with a green or blue tint in color. The pike is both near the shores and at a depth level of 1-12 m close to the deeper areas. A bottom bait with a worming in the summer evenings and nights allows for the capture of eels, roach, perch, and in shallow bays also bream and tench.

Seasonal changes

With increasingly rising water temperature during the mid-summer, a boat is usually needed when several species of fish moves out towards the deeper waters. An efficient method of fishing for pike is now towed fishing or trolling on a level of 10-20 meters above the lake's deep areas. This fishing can sometimes result in the capture of trout or char. Evening or night fishing with this method at the level of 5-12 m can give really big pike and pike-perches in the western part of the lake. The perch can now be catched using jigs from a boat on the open sea neat steep slopes or at the level of 10-20 m.

Winter fishing on the lake is popular. Ice fishing for the smelt eating perch on the depth of 10-20 meter may periodically be really good throughout the lake on the new ice. In the eastern part of the lake there is a possibility of catching trout on the ice. When the ice is snow covered, the western part of the lake is recommended since this is a stock of perch near the water level at 3-6 m.

Great care on the Sommen ice is required! It is never completely safe anywhere.

This was just a small part of the fishing opportunities the lake offers lake.

Welcome to Sommen!