Directions to the Sommen town boat ramp.


The exit to the boat ramp can be found in the northern outskirts of the Sommen town (towards Boxholm). From road 32 turn off at signs for sports / jetty / camping, and cross the railway viaduct. There is a boat club right at the end of viaduct, but it is not where you're going. Instead, go to the turning place at the end of the road and you can now see the port. You can park in the roundabout.

At the port there is a barbecue spot and plenty of picnic tables. A pedestrian tunnel under the railway leads directly into the Sommen city centre. There is a convenience store and restaurant. On the way to the harbor, you pass a large camping site, ideal if you had planned to stay overnight.

The ramp is paved. There is no boom barrier and there is no fee to use the ramp. The ramps is available around the clock.


WGS 84: N 58° 8.273', E 14° 58.248'
WGS 84 - decimal: 58.13789, 14.97080
RT90: 6446313, 1450850
SWEREF99: 6444062, 498281


58 ̊8’ 16’’N


14 ̊58’15’’ E